We provide individual, couple, family, and group therapy both online and in our space in Old Town Pasadena. We bring together known-to-work psychotherapeutic approaches with cultural humility to support your journey. 

We look forward to learning from you about the ways you’d like to experience change.

You may want to look within – to grow with self-compassion and grace.

You may want to look out – to build positive relationships while making a difference in the ways that matter to you.

You may not know where to start.  You just don’t want to hurt so much.

We’re here to help.

While each of our therapists specializes in particular approaches, our collective work is relational, mindfulness-oriented and culturally-responsive. We value collaborating with you, making space for all facets of your identities. Along with traditional evidence-based therapy, our therapists offer  a variety of experiential and mind/body approaches. Drawing from modern neuroscience and ancient traditions, our clients have the opportunity to consider the role of mindfulness and somatic practices, yoga, EMDR, clinical hypnosis and guided imagery, and expressive arts. You can learn more in each of our bios.

Our caring, experienced team of therapists offers support for growth in the following areas:

  • Anxiety + Depression
  • Body Image + Esteem
  • Career
  • Chronic Pain + Illness
  • Gender + Sexuality
  • Grief + Trauma
  • Infertility + Loss
  • LGBTQI + Affirmation
  • Life Transitions
  • Pandemic Coping Skills
  • Parenting
  • Pefectionism
  • Perinatal + Postpartum
  • Procrastination
  • Relationships + Dating
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma

Therapy Groups

We’re known for our unique, supportive therapy groups which offer connection and camaraderie with the guidance of an experienced therapist.  Current therapy groups include:


Flourishing as a Parent

Managing Anxiety + Building Self-Compassion

Making the Most of Life + Career Transitions

Parent Resource Hub

Explore our wide range of programs for parents – from free parent webinars and parent coaching to weekly groups!

Comprehensive Individualized Assessment

Neuropsychological, Cognitive, Educational, Psychological Testing

Are you a young adult who struggled in school in the past but you’ve never been tested? Has your college suggested an updated or new assessment to assist with accommodations? Perhaps your therapist and you are hoping to get clarity about a specific diagnosis, learning style, or interpersonal style. Or perhaps you are in a workplace setting and finding that focus, organization and/or team work present some real challenges for you! These are all things an Assessment can help with!

Perhaps you are an adult in mid-life and realize that you may have an attentional or interpersonal style that diagnostic clarity could help with. Perhaps you’ve learned that your child or teen is neurodivergent – and you realize you might be also! Perhaps you are a non-traditional student returning to higher education and are noticing challenges in learning that you’d like to understand better. These are just a few of the situations in which a comprehensive assessment may help!

Assessments can sort out some of the complex neuropsychological, cognitive, educational, and socioemotional factors that affect your ability to thrive. Our assessments are strengths-based, trauma-informed, and neurodiversity-affirming. They can provide information about how you experience the world, as well as the supports and accommodations that will help you flourish in your various contexts and relationships.

To arrange a free initial consultation call 626.585.8075, ext. 108 or e-mail.

Getting Started in Therapy

Wondering how to get started at Flourish?

Give us a call, at 626-585-8075 ext. 108, and we’ll talk about your goals and questions. This initial phone consultation is at no cost and requires no commitment. We’re happy to let you know your options. 

Arrange an appointment. If you decide to move forward, our Client Relations Team will help you connect with a caring individual or group therapist, depending on your interests, needs, and goals.

Get started! Next, you’ll start meeting with your therapist – someone who is interested in your journey and has years of training and experience to walk with you on your path of growth. During the pandemic we are connecting virtually – and we’re excited about how well online therapy has been working. Plus, no worries about traffic or parking! Post-pandemic, we’ll have the option to continue with online therapy (especially useful for those who live a distance from Pasadena) or meet in person.

Let the journey to flourishing begin! Therapy can provide a safe place to explore and understand oneself and others, heal from painful emotions and experiences, and develop new skills and strategies to create the life you want. Research shows therapy can help improve relationships, build skills, and decrease the distress related to worry, anxiety, depression, grief, and other intense feelings.


The payment process is easy. We accept credit cards, HSA, and debit cards at the time of service, and session fees vary within our clinical team. Lower cost and sliding scale options are available. See our Fee Schedule here.

If you’re interested in a superbill to submit to your PPO insurance for the out-of-network reimbursement allowed by your plan, let us know.

We’re happy to answer any questions about costs and insurance.  Reach out by email at or call us at 626-585-8075 ext. 108.