a weekly in-person group for the parents of teens

We’re excited to announce a new weekly parenting group offered through Flourish, the Institute’s division serving adults. This group is open to all parents of teens, including the parents of teens being served already at the Institute for Girls’ Development.

Parenting teenagers is filled with unique joys and intense challenges. Our teens are becoming more mature, yet as they grapple with stress from rigorous academics, romantic relationships, and the lure of social media, we as parents struggle ourselves and wonder what the best ways are to support them.

Our new parenting group will offer much-needed support for parents during this complex stage. There’s no need to navigate the tricky teen years and worry on your own!

We’ll discuss: 

  • Ways to offer the right support for your teen while fostering independence
  • Keeping communication lines open even as your teen is (appropriately) pulling away at times
  • Levels of teen stress and anxiety that are okay – and when to step in or be concerned
  • How to respond to your teen’s changing moods while also taking care of yourself

This weekly group will provide a safe space for parents to find support, share concerns, and learn helpful skills.

We’ll explore strategies to support our teens – and ourselves – so our families can thrive during this difficult stage. Group size will be limited. Join us!

Facilitators (click the name for license and registration information):

  • Lead Facilitator: Lauren Albrecht, MA, MSG, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT#135201) Supervised by Monica Valdiva Aguilar, MA, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT#41352)
  • Co-Facilitator: Vicki Chiang, PSYD, Licensed Psychologist (PSY#21136)

Visiting Speakers: The group will occasionally host experts in the parenting world to talk about various topics.

Cost: $75 per session

To Register or Learn More: Call our Intake Coordinator at 626-585-8075 ext.108 or email Intake@IFGD.care.