About Us

Our intention is simple – to help you grow, live joyfully, find meaning and purpose, engage in healthy relationships, and thrive.  In other words, we’re here to help you flourish.

We offer that support through:

  • therapy that honors our minds and bodies in growth and self-care
  • learning + connection opportunities
  • wellness programs

Our Mission + Values

We bring together known-to-work psychotherapeutic approaches, learning opportunities and wellness practices honoring cultural, creative and personal traditions to support you on your journey to growth and healing.

We hold space to talk about the hard things while honoring your unique strengths and resilience.

Each member of our team has their own style and approach, and we have the following shared values:

  • We care about bearing witness to the courage and vulnerability of your human journey.

  • We recognize our basic human need for connection and see it as central to healing and growth.

  • We know that limiting stories, trauma, oppression, injustice and discrimination impact mental wellness.

  • We honor the relationship between the mind, body and spirit, and we draw on practices informed by modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions as appropriate.

  • We understand the importance of making space for all facets of your identities.

  • We are a feminist-oriented, social justice forward team.

  • We value creating collaborative working relationships that empower you to actively participate in your own journey to flourishing.

Our Beautiful Space in Old Pasadena

Flourish is located in a charming, historic building in Old Pasadena – surrounded by rose bushes and close to coffee shops, restaurants and parks.  If you’d like to take the train, the Gold Line Memorial Park Station is only a block away, and there’s ample parking.

Our Team

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