Free Parent Webinars

We’re offering 20+ events to celebrate our 20th anniversary – and many are free webinars led by experts from our team and the community! Learn how to help children and teens manage anxiety, navigate social dynamics with friends, maximize their executive functioning, and more.

Parent Coaching

As parents, we’re all doing our best. And we all experience tough phases. You don’t need to do it alone! Our experienced Parent Coaches can help with effective communication, managing challenging phases, working with behavioral issues, or simply making the most of your relationship with your child or teen.

Individual Therapy for Adults Who Happen to Be Parents

As parents, we often think about supporting our kids – but we benefit from having our own support as well! Life can feel stressful as we juggle parenting, work, volunteering, managing finances, possibly caring for our own parents, and more! It’s important to find some joy and get the support you need to feel your best. Yes, it’s okay to prioritize you!

Parent Connections for the Teen Years

Are you the parent of a teen? Yes, this phase is complicated! It’s time to shift many parenting strategies you used to use. But how? In this weekly group, we’ll discuss ways to offer the right support while fostering independence, how to keep communication lines open as your teen is (appropriately) pulling away, levels of teen stress and anxiety that are okay and when to be concerned, and much more. Join us to get invaluable insights and camaraderie during this complex parenting stage!

SPACE Training for Parents

We offer parent training in SPACE – Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions. It’s a short-term, effective approach parents can use to help kids and teens with anxiety and OCD.

Perinatal & Postpartum Support

Our caring therapists can offer support for infertility, during your pregnancy, postpartum, after experiencing a pregnancy loss, and/or for pregnancy after a loss. We’d love to work with you during this special stage of life.

Parent Education Talks Offered to School Communities & Organizations

Our CEO, psychologist Dr. Melissa Johnson, and other experienced members of our team offer Parent Ed talks to schools and organizations in our community – both in person and remotely.