Cristina Lugo, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 71254)

“Things change. We’re a river of change, and if we try to hold on, what we end up getting is rope burn. It’s a kind of recipe for suffering. If instead, we accept the fact that everything changes and discover that we can float, that we can surf rather than try to stop the waves, then our life becomes more responsive. It becomes more of a dance and there’s a tremendous joy that comes in it.” - Dr. Jack Kornfield

As we walk through life collecting experiences, relationships and hardships along the way, we may land in places of struggle and personal suffering. Whether you are trying to keep up with a changing world,  facing adversity or social inequality, or still healing wounds from the past, I am ready to join you on this journey to help you find the path of inner growth and transformation. 

When we arrive in the therapy room, whether it is virtual or in person, I bring a warm, authentic and playful approach. I believe in the enduring human capacity to heal and have spent a decade helping adults and youth navigate depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, social and family relationships, LGBTQ identity and self-esteem. As a Puerto Rican-American, I also have a strong background in working with people of color and those with second generation and multicultural identities. 

I am an eclectic, creative and collaborative psychotherapist with a background in community organizing and expressive arts. I have worked in the therapeutic field for the past decade after receiving my Master’s degree in Social Work and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. I completed a post-master’s certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from the Expressive Arts Training institute and am currently completing training in EMDR. I am also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a newer form of CBT. I incorporate over a decade of personal mindfulness and yoga practice to my clinical work.

I’ve worked with clients in both English and Spanish in a wide array of settings, such as a women’s detention center, schools, homes, treatment and drop-in centers and community clinics. I am strongly influenced by my work in the community.  I’ve founded multiple community groups, participated in social justice campaigns and fundraising efforts, written and presented workshops, and supported causes to strengthen and empower my community. I look forward to using my experiences in my work with all clients to inspire transformation and growth.  I believe that self-liberation is within reach for all of us.