Parenting During the Pandemic

This weekly therapy group is designed to be a gathering place for parents to discuss challenges and strategies for parenting teens during the pandemic. Many parents are sharing concerns related to family power struggles, teens’ challenges around screen time, staying focused in school, changing moods and attitudes, battles with siblings, privacy, and discipline.  

We’re also hearing that teens and parents often have different ideas about safe behaviors during the pandemic.  And, with the rise in significant depression and anxiety in teens, many parents wonder, “when should I worry?” and “when should I seek help for my teen?”  So, let’s dig in, have a real conversation, and talk about what can help.

Date + Time:

  • Fridays 9:30am – 10:30am

Facilitator (click the name for license and registration information): Brittany Fella, MA

Cost: $75 per parent or $100 per couple, per session

To Register or Learn More: Call our Intake Coordinator at 626-585-8075 ext.108 or email