Lauren Eccker, MSW, MPH

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 80637)

“When we can see ourselves as we truly are and accept ourselves, we build the necessary foundation for self-love…whether we learn how to love ourselves and others will depend on the presence of a loving environment. Self-love cannot flourish in isolation.” ~ bell hooks

Day in and day out, we’re bombarded with messages about how we should be, and many of us find ourselves constantly trying to fit a mold. As a therapist, I work diligently to create a space of reprieve from the pressures of everyday life – a space where you can relax and be your truest self without fear of judgment. I believe strongly in the power of real, honest connection to heal the wounds of self-doubt and self-criticism.  In therapy, I use self-compassion, mind/body practices and trauma-informed practices to help you reach your goals.  I work diligently to ensure that I uphold culturally responsive and LGBT+ affirming care. My priority is to create a space that is inclusive, safe and above all YOURS. My role as a therapist is not to “heal,” but to work alongside you while you grow.

I am a graduate of the University of Southern California, with dual Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Health. Before completing my graduate degrees, I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Portland, Oregon, and I have a background in community organizing and reproductive justice activism.  I believe that when we heal ourselves and learn to love and accept ourselves, we can create real positive change in our communities.  Learning, growing and self-healing are, in my mind, key components to create a more just and fair world.  I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!