Kendra A. Kabasele

Flourish Contributing Photographer

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within." ~ Maya Angelou

Kendra A. Kabasele Photography was born when I transformed the worst pain in my life, losing my mother, into a passion project in honor of her and mothers around the world. The Anita Claire Project was launched on Mother’s Day of 2014 as a gift to my mother. The photos and video interviews are accompanied by blog text — and the mission is to capture and honor the special bond and relationship between mothers and daughters, including grandmothers, aunts and other types of mother-daughter relationships. Out of The Anita Claire Project came a natural transition into capturing other subjects, places, and objects.

Today, I work with national magazines and television shows, universities, and more. I am passionate about photographing people, and I enjoy capturing the beauty of travel and everyday objects. As an international photographer, my love for documentary-style shooting also allows for candid pieces.

As a writer and photographer, I am passionate about storytelling — about learning people’s stories and sharing them with others.  When we relate to others, thoughts, conversations, and lessons are sparked, and we come out healed, enlightened and matured.

Having the opportunity to contribute to Flourish, an organization that offers connection and support to women and gender-expansive individuals, is special to me.  I appreciate working with an organization that supports the voices of individuals who may have felt unheard or left out.  When you’ve lived your life as part of a group that’s been oppressed for way too long, you have empathy for other groups who are going through the same thing, and you lend your hand where it’s needed.